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Eco-school carbon partner programme

As the upcoming young minds are the protectors of the mother earth, Eco-schools is a global programme which engages millions of children across all over the world which is the finest and unique school among the world school programme. This school empowers the students to create awareness to the people by changing and improving the environments with the simple seven-step procedures that have proved successful in the world. This eco-schools programme involves hands-on, real-world learning which educates each and every student to involve in the environmental projects. The seven steps include:
1. Eco-committee- the puzzle begins here about the action and learning about the environments.
2. Environmental review- inspecting the school’s performance towards the environment.
3. Action plan- after the investigation, it deals with the ideas that come to the mind.
4. Monitoring and evaluation- calculating the change and analysis what works and what doesn’t.
5. Informing and involving: letting the whole community in the school about what exactly eco-committee mean.
6. Linking to the curriculum: linking the school’s environmental activities with their subjects.
7. Eco-code- a creation of unique code which looks understandable even to the pupils.